Very enjoyable.Warren was full of great information and he was  very engaging.
Great walk-good to have a coffee and cake at the end of the tour...Will recommend.
Tony & Jenny Trevitt.Australia.20/04/17

Great day,Warren was very informative. First 1/2 of the hike was gorgeous,the seat at the 1/2 way point was a delight to sit on and rest, and look at the Pacific Ocean,bird life,and trees.I would highly recommend this Coromandel Discovery day trip and walk if you are visiting Coromandel.
Terrell Tribble USA> 18/04/18

Wonderful tour,cant think of anything to improve...
Liz Skelask. USA.17/04/18

Wonderful Walk,,Great driver,a good laugh was had by all AND observed all speed limits.
Noel Twowig. Australia.13/04/18

It was  really great ,and I did enjoy it all,travelling with my Mum & Dad and brother.
Hugo Hocking...Aged 9...
Was a fantastic walk,highly recommend it.Warren is a fantastic host-we loved his local insights and knowledge of the area..The HOT TEA on the day was much appreciate, as the tempreture was kool 13c,however,it was all perfect. Hugo's Dad

Very knowledgeable guide,and safe driving for my wife and 6 month old baby  loved the day out!!  The walk was very good.
Kevin Permall UK. 23/03/18

Warren was a really great tour guide.Really appreciated the comments while driving in the mini bus about the area & history.
Christine.Germany 21/03/18

Great walk,through the stunning scenery,very helpful supporting comments by Warren,to help make the better understanding of the woods and  hills,while driving on our tour.

Everything was great about the trip,Michael very knowledgeable and kept us laughing.What a way to explore and learn about the Coromandel.
Paul Smith UK. 16/03/18

The weather was great,at times!! everything was great AGAIN!!
Koester .Germany.18/03/18

Great tour,no improvements required, complete tour,walk,photo stop's,the mini bus condition,tour guide and the great food supplied from olville cafe.
Elaine & Pimlott.UK.16/03/18

Warren,our driver gave us ,colour and depth to the scenery and drive.
He was very friendly and talks with  information about  lovely part of New Zealand.
Tim & Anne Read.U . 09/03/18

Commentary very informative & helpful,and great home made cakes after the walk.
Isobel Joiner. U. 09/03/18.

Had a wonderful day with Michael very informative.
The walk is very nice for a day walk.
Peter Theodore.Australia.10/03/18

Great journey & commentary.Great walk-lovely views.
Thank-you to Warren,our guide for making it such a special day!!
Gill O'connell.U 07/03/18

Everything was just perfect!
Morandi Lengwiler.Switzerland 07/03/18

Very good---- Can't be improved.
Informative,interesting details.Refreshments yummy ..GREAT DAY THANK-YOU.
Great Day Thank-you.
David Lynn.England.06/03/18

Very nice,awesome!!! ***************The views were amazing,also the guide is just right.
Martin & Lu.Germany.05/03/18

Really lovely- enjoyed the commentary, and the beautiful coast,and the walk from Fletcher Bay to Stony Bay.Great photo stop's,enjoyed the  cafe at Colville ,with great fresh berry smoothies and farm style home-made Neanish Tarts,so big and refreshing.
Cheryl & Dean Werstler. USA.03/02/18

Michael gave a  great commentary,of which we enjoyed.Learned so much about the area. WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!.
Scott & Judy Tabar .USA.02/03/18

 The tour and walk was wonderful,just what we expected.Thank's
Urs Zangerl Germany. 02/03/18

The drive with  ,our driver and  tour guide was very much fun and the information was appreciated.The walk and the look out was great.
Marco & Karina. Germany.02/03/18

Great tour,amazing views.
Benjamin & Jessica,Germany.26/02/18

Most enjoyable day.Excellent walk.Driver/guide was entertaining and informative,was much appreciated.
Clive Story.U.K. 26/02/18

Great trip/commentary& hospitality.Makes the walk doable.
Glyn Richards. N.Z. 26/02/18

Beautiful day,great tour,so glad to have Barbara drive., The refreshments was a nice touch!!!.Enjoyed the drive,good company and and interesting commentary.
Ewan & Cynthia Porter. Canada.24/02/18

Very enjoyable trip.Barbara was an excellent host & driver& answered all our questions informatively.Our tour party was a comfortable group,and we would have NOT ENJOYED the trip if we had done it our self's.
Gwenytia & Keven Bray.Australia.24/02/18

Very lovely trip.Warren is a good driver,and we felt safe with his driving and the mini bus was very comfortable.The information was appreciated.
The scenic delights are wonderful in the Coromandel.
Thank-you for a trip we shall always remember!!
Heinke Bosch Germany.23/02/18

Very enjoyable,great to-be able to just enjoy the view's ,tree's and the farm animals without having to drive.The coastal walk was just A1.
Denise & John Graham.22/02/18

Just perfect & well organised.
Susi & Bennet .Germany.22/02/18

Super day.Great walk & swim at the end of the tour ,was most welcome.
Excellent commentary,Michael.
Shirley Marsh. Canada. 21/02/18

Great tour,great walk with terrific views.Very good commentary.Nice touch with cake & tea on finish of walk.
Janet & Graeme Weatherley .Australia. 21/02/18

Great,to get the last seat on the bus @ short notice.I enjoyed Warren's commentary,AND THE  DELICIOUS CAKES AND COFFEE AT THE END OF THE DAY WAS YUMMMMMMMMMY.
All fine....Thanks a lot.
Katrin.N.Z. 19/02/18

 The tour was beautiful.Everything was  just OK.
WE SAW SO MANY BIRDS...............................
The weather was fine and the tour was very properly arranged,great driver,Warren
Anke & Karljoset Giard,Germany 19/02/18.

Really, a very good experience,Great host and many interesting information.
Thanks so much.
Tino & Maibrit Honore.Denmark.17.02/18

Very nice tour,learned a lot about the country.
Michael made this a great day and great experience,Enjoyed the lot.
Kronenberger Germany.15/02/18

A very informative tour,beautiful view on the drive & hike, coffee/tea & the home made cake @ the end of the day was very pleasant..
John& Elizabeth Evans.USA. 06/02/18

Really enjoyed our tour & coach driver Warren,he was great.The coffee and home-made cake at the end was most welcome AND very good.
Also starting the walk from Fletcher Bay was the best idea,rather than from Stony Bay.It made a nice walk
Anne Mansey. England. 05/02/18

Very enjoyable day tour,the weather stayed dry for the walk and it was exciting driving over the fords......
Tim & Margot Harbot. UK .04/02/18

Fantastic trip-excellent guide and friendly
J&A Drechnter.Germany. 03/02/18

This day was great:the bird life was fantastic,the views and the landscape,everything was great.
Luzia & Sonja Mathus. Switzerland.03/02/18

Wonderful.We could never have done this trip alone.We also enjoyed the shorter walk at Port Jackson beach.Barbara was very informative,patient and a excellent driver.WE FELT SAFE WITH THIS TOUR COMPANY.
Margaret & Peter Tutt .U.K. 31/01 /18

Very fine tour.Kindly Guide.(Barbara)>

Nice tour,very good driver/guide,excellent walk.
Barbara & Adrian Schibli. Switzerland.30/01/18

 It was all great!!
Madisan O'neill USA.28/01/18

Beautiful scenery,well worth the trip.Thanks.Warren's the man.
Niki CG.U.K. 26/01/18

Warren was very friendly.the walk was fantastic.
Steve Ross Aussie.26/01/18

Grand day and  VERY GOOD VALUE.Warren was an excellent driver and very good company with great information!
I can't see how the trip could be improved.
Nigel & Sabinna Underwood.U K 21/01/18

Great tours and views-Barbara is a great driver.Everything was good-KEEP ON GOING.Thank-you for a great day.
Graf. Switzerland 13/01/18

Lovely drive thanks,enjoyed the commentary & cuppa at the end.
Kia Ora. Karen Fletcher.N.Z.10/01/18

We had a great time.Warren our tour driver,was a wonderful driver and very informative,nothing to improve!
Thank-you & and the homemade cookies and cake with tea/coffee was a lovely touch.
Amy Browse.USA.10 Jan 2018

Great walk,well described and great photo stops.
Aqib Chohan.UK/NZ 31/12/17

Very well organised,and the information supplied was great.Thanks.
Stephan Roger. Switzerland. 31/12/17

Everything was really good.great  driving,felt really safe.Excellent commentary,and learned many new things about Coromandel,loved the info about the birds.
HAVE DONE THIS TOUR 3 TIMES 2006,2013 & 2017..
Catherine Jellecoat.NZ.29/12/17

Very interesting drive,beautiful walk with incredible views,well run tour.
Rosalin Marien  Belgium.29.12.17

Great commentary & walk,just what we wanted.
Amanda & Steph Harvey.England.29/12/17

 Great guide,smooth driving and interesting information.We learned a lot and enjoyed this beautiful day.Thank-you very much..
Martin Nanzer.Switzerland.28/12/17.

The coastal walkway  tour was very nice.Worth watching.
Our guide ,Barbara was also good and the commentary was of high expectations .I will recommend this tour to my  friends.
Alock Semwal .New Zealand.28/12/17

Appreciated the time and relaxing style of the trip.Not to early starting,perfect for a gentle morning drive.
The mini bus is in perfect condition and the day was absolutely fantastic.
Many Thanks from Jack & Dett. Ireland/Hungary.

Michael was a great host & very friendly,gave us lots of information on our  drive to the top of the Coromandel Peninsular .We enjoyed this trip very much and would recommend it to everybody.
Jonas Loos & Karen Veemeulen.Belguim 26/12/17

Excellent driving and commentary...thank-you Warren.
Annie Morgan.UK.24/12.17

The walk itself was recommended by a friend,and we found the tour in a guide book.
The driver,Warren, was very pleasant, and including the actual drive on the day.
We were happy we did not drive our-selves.
Sofia Weiler. Germany.22/12/17

Was perfect, recommended.
Niko & Ines Schafer.Switerland.21/12/17

 The tour was very good and informative,with lots of points of interest.The service was great,no improvement.
Bremer-Fiedler. Germany.20/12/17

Great start time ,in the cool morning for our tramp.Appreciated the informative" tour talk" before the hike ,and willingness to stop for photo's.

We really enjoyed the explanations and stories that we were told about Coromandel 
At the end of the walk, which we enjoyed we had delicious cake and a safe ride home.

   We had a great trip all over,very nice service,with tea & coffee at the end of the day ,the walk was great.
Vincent The. The Netherlands. 15/12/17

Very good driving & information,the complete tour was very good.
Menke .Germany.12/12/17

Thoroughly enjoyable.Excellent informative commentary on the drive up to Fletcher Bay .Lovely walk, the coffee & cake at the finish ,a grand idea.
Alan Stewart .UK.11/12/17

Guidance & advice,very good? Lots of information about Flora & Fauna.
Very good walking track and enjoyed.
Kind regards,Heinrich Schmid. Germany. 11/12/17

A great tour and the walk was also very good Thanks Barbara.

Very interesting,great fun,informative.I loved the stops in Colville,delicious coffee,treats and yummy sandwiches.Refreshments at the end of the trail was really nice,and yummy home-made cake!!.
Warren our driver ,was friendly, and made many photo stops.Best of all ,the hike was spectacular and scenic,the swimming at Stony Bay,awesome..Many Thanks.
Jane Giardine. USA-WA State.05/12/17

I have run out of words!Took a 1000 pic,s,very happy with the tour guide,an excellent driver,who had plenty of time for us.Thanks.
Stephan Meyer & Anna Sove. Germany.05/12/17

Yes I did it again for the 2nd time in 2 years, and plan to do it again in the near future.
Thanks Warren,your  comments and info were great.
Michaela Mossbacher. Germany.02/12/17

To-day, was the high-lite of the Coromandel,we enjoyed,the drive,information's ,the walk and the refreshments provided after the day,& including a swim in the clear kool waters.
von Hinueber.Germany.22/11/17

  A very nice trip,just so interesting,Thank-you


Well organised tour,a lot of interesting information,and very safe driving 
Haak Germany 21/11/17

Loved the trail and the mini bus ride,Good Choice.
Appreciated the bird call cards,the snacks,he coffee_ the whole thing.
Mike & Nicolle Lundin. USA.20/11/17

The tour was a wonderful day,spectacular views,very well organised.
Thank-you Karin & Heike.Germany.20.11/17

The drive up to Fletcher Bay was  lovely, together with the information given about the Coromandel  area. The walk was just great,so glad we made the effort to do this part of the Northern Coromandel Peninsular.
Thanks Barbara.
Jennifer Langknr. Germany. 19/11/17

The tour was excellent,a great day.We did the Muriwai Walk
Anne Draper.Australia.09/11/17

Awesome,totally worth it..the highlight,lunch at Poley Bay Beach.
Melanie Trexler. USA.05/11/17

Absolutely fabulous day, after been cooped up in a plane for 1.5.days from the U.K.
Super views ,great bird song,and the beach's were so refreshing.
Kim & Shelia Larsen. G.B. 05/11/17

To-day,we walked the Coastal Walkway,we enjoyed it very much and  took many photo's.The information provided while we were been driven, was informative and interesting
Thank's Michael
Herbert & Heidi Meyer Germany 25/10/17

Well organised, the walk was worth the effort. The views were stunning. Thank-you
Nick & Jo Freeborough. UK 27/04/17

Wonderful day. Michael, our driver/host/guide, fabulous!!  Great photo shots.
Loved the refreshments of fresh tea, cake.
Perfect day, no improvements.
Samantha Attridge. UK.27/04/17

Very informative and exciting drive. Great support info for the hike. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DAY TRIP.  Thank-you so much.
Jennifer Norris.Canada.02/04/17

Perfect organization, great tour driver, beautiful sites. The walk was just so natural and to finish, the refreshments provided and the delish home made cakes.
Olaf Kley.Germany.23/04/17

Terrific views, wonderful walk, perfect weather and a friendly guide.
Ralph Sigrist.Switzerland.01/04/17

It's been a great walk. We had perfect weather, and the operator was very good at what he did.
Martin Gollvbtsky.USA. 27/03/17

Lovely walk, Barbara very informative & pleasant. So helpful not to have to drive ourselves on that gravel road.
Andrew Melick & Inge Sengelmann USA 21/03/17

Excellent tour and guide. Very lucky with the weather. Really enjoyed the walk. Will recommend this tour to others. Many Thanks.
Michell Chapman N>Z< 21/03/17

The drive to the coastal walk was fabulous. Michael & Ross, owner/operators of Coromandel Coastal Walkway, gave us a wonderful day. The walk itself is well worth doing. Stunning scenery, and a great track for tramping.
Philip & Diane Noubse..Hong Kong./U.K. 17/03/17

An exceptional track to walk. Glorious vistas.
Michael my driver is an excellent host.........KIA ORA
Laura Jamieson .Canada.16/03/17

Excellent trip, with extra touches which you would not really expect these days, tea,cake (home-made), and very informative local history. Excellent driving on difficult roads. I would recommend this day outing and walk to all tourists visiting Coromandel Town.....A MUST - Thank-you.
Chris & Cindy Arnold...U.K..14/03/17

Great tour & really enjoyed the walk - with tea at the end. And driving with Barbara. The photo stops on the way, with the countryside changing, was a treat.
Clare Kervard. U.K.07/03/17

Really enjoyed all aspects of the tour. Barbara was a great guide. Loved the walk, amazing views and the commentary. Thank-you BARBARA.
Jenny & Trevor Barry.Australia. 07/03/17

It was a nice and easy tour. The highlights were the look-outs, the trees/forest, and the home-made cake, could not be made better.


Everything was just perfect. Nicely informative information by Barbara, our tour guide for the day. Very well paced for our comfort. Thanks.
Todd & Maureen Heck.USA.27/02/17

Michael our guide was very friendly & informative. The walk itself excellent with fantastic views, and the Swim at Stony Bay was Soooo refreshing.

A fantastic day - great background info from Barbara our driver - beautiful walk, with splendid scenery and great weather. A perfect day.
Thanks to Barbara for making this a great day.
Jeff & Ros Young.U.K. 23/02/17

OUR  EXPECTATIONS WERE MET AND EXCEEDED...The home made fruit cake and tea at the end of the walk was a lovely touch. Both Jessica and I will go home with fond memories of our day.
Thank-you Barbara, for all your local knowledge
Andrew Davien .England.20/02/17

Great scenery, excellent commentary, very enjoyable nature walk.
Gail & Ian Gamble.Australia.19/02/17

Outstanding day. Brilliant effective commentary. I would recommend this day to walkers, for sure.
Barry Freeman.Australia.19/02/17

Great walk, great weather, and the information I enjoyed very much. The refreshments at the end of the walk GREAT!!!!!!!
Theresa Taylor. U.K. 13/02/17

Loved it, the complementary map and commentary along the road tour was very informative and interesting, the walk just what I wanted, also the group size was just right. Thank-you.
Yi-Lin &Team .Singapore.13/02/17

Keep doing what you are doing, the complete day was a highlight of my world trip. Thanks for a great day.
Katharina. Germany.12/02/17

The walk was lovely, well organised, enjoyed the fantastic local scenery.
Barbara our tour guide was of full knowledge, and the mini bus seating very comfortable.Thank-you.
Martine Xotto. Belgium.08/02/17

Very enjoyable, guide was great, and beautiful views.
Joy Callachan.Australia. 08/02/17

Wonderful Trail walk. Friendly guide, cake was soo yummy.
Johanna Rita.Finland 08/02/17

Beautiful walk, magic countryside, and GREAT TOUR GUIDE/DRIVER, Barbara!!!!!!!.
Schimid Gaine-Theses.05/02/17 Switzerland.

Very well organised, all information provided, well done. Friendly staff as well, I really appreciate the refreshments and home made cake at the end of the walk.
Dominic Wuethrich.Switzerland.05/02/17

A great day trip to the start of the Coastal Walkway. Michael is a very good guide. The walk was fantastic. I shall never forget the good views and the great photos that I have.
Ann-Christin Rosenavist Sweden.04/02/17

Fantastic walk in a natural bush setting, was a day full of adventure and information.
Ley Thomstrom Sweden 04/02/17

We have enjoyed the day tour and walkway. Michael is a great guide. He could explain many details about nature and the local area. It was a good day in the countryside of Coromandel. We also enjoyed the picnic at the end of the trip, and that Michael took time with our group, with a relaxed atmosphere.
Martin Aldejohann & family. 02/02/17. Germany

Barbara was a great host, patient and friendly and full of local knowledge. Can't fault anything!!.
Mark & Belinda Goedecke. Australia.01/02/17

AWESOME !!!!!!!
Bente Andreasen .Denmark.31/01/17

Nice walk, interesting information.
Michael, the owner and guide for the day, is a sympathetic guide.
Mies Nagel.Germany 29/01/17

We had an amazing day out, with cloudless blue skies: perfect walking weather and the track was in great condition. Barbara did a great job, we were all thankful that she (NOT US) did the driving. Wonderful countryside.
Vivienne & Tony Pearson. N.Z. 28/01/17

Great weather for such a fantastic tour and walk. Keep the whole tour as it is and the yummy refreshments at the end of the walk.
Bren & Julie U>K> 26/01/17

Enjoyed the tour and the walk, the 1st part of the walk was the best.
Many thanks to Barbara, our tour guide.
Schramm Germany 26/01/17

A very well organised trip, the photo stops were spot on, the views and the fantastic coastal walk, yummy refreshments and ice cream stop.
Maren Baur .Germany.24/01/17

Excellent tour - good commentary.. Keep the tour the way it is.
David Landells.  New Zealand.24/01/17

Nice work, great service.
Litjens. Holland.23/01/17

Dodman.U.K. 23/01/17

We liked the tour and Barbara, our guide/driver, informed us very well.Thank-you very much.
Ihle .Germany.20/01/17

It was an excellent experience. Michael our guide was full of info, and had our needs at the forefront.
Dave Clayron.N.Z. 19.01.17

Perfect pace, very enjoyable. The stop at Colville was a pleasant experience of local product.
Gail Speedie. Australia.19/01/17

Everything was fine. Lots of info. A great reference. TO BE RECOMMENDED !!!!
Richard de Vendevil .France.18/01/17

Delightful experience, views stunning, great for photos, walk great...Tour excellent.
Maureen Burrey. New Zealand.18./01/17

We have done this Coastal Walkway today 13/01/17.The trail has been beautiful and the scent of manuka has been great. A lot of very useful information about locals was given my Michael our guide, never would have had the experience if it had been on our own.

Really great tour, we would recommend this tour.
P&F Nehler Gremany.13/01/17

Really nice day trip, super well organized. A RECOMMENDATION FOR ANYONE VISITING COROMANDEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes.
Manaua Schieder. Germany 07/01/17

From Fletcher Bay we walked a FANTASTIC path into a great bay after one hour with the MOST MAGNIFICENT views. The second half of the walk towards Stony Bay was more in the bush/forest, and the bird life and photos were to die for.
Michael is really great, friendly and informs & helps whenever you need. He is also clever at discussing your tour plans and making them more interesting.
Jansen. Holland. 06/01/17

Great arranged tour with that extra input, friendly driver/guide Barbara, and a perfect day.

Michael was a great guide, he provided us with heaps of information + knows all about the area, and the local people. The tour had some amazing lookouts.
Kathrin Kriesch Germany.01/01/17

Enjoyed the tour very much. Drive to Fletcher Bay, stops, and commentary excellent. Loved the walk and the coffee & cake, lovely finish to a most enjoyable day. Would recommend.
Brian & Lynn Rosenthal Australia.04/01/17

Fantastic trip! Really enjoyed our day, and Barbara has been a great tour guide, wonderful driver and good company. Thank-you
Caroline Officer.New Zealand 31/12/16

Loved it! Awesome day, Barbara our tour guide did a fantastic job - will highly recommend this walk to others..Thanks so much .
Kirsty Connell .New Zealand.31/12/16

Great Day, everything was perfect for us.
Christoph Raibue Switzerland.30/12/16

Great day, wonderful guided tour, the cake baker can be recommended!!
Thanks so much, for the the insight & discussion.
Harald Wusteney. Germany 23/12/16

Wonderful drive and walk..... We found this Coastal Walkway on the Lonely Planet "10 Best Day Walk's in N.Z.,!!!
Chad Wassell USA 19/12/16
!A W E S O M E !!

Stewart & Christine Allely  (.Private Tour) Tauranga N.Z. 09/12/16

Te drive, by our driver Barbara, and the Coastal Walk-way, were what we expected, and it was very very nice.
Antony Kleinlem.Germany.17/12/16

The coastal walk was fantastic, wonderful views and very interesting comments by Michael.
We would say he is a well informed tour/driver and believes in Coromandel.
Thank-you for excellent guidance .B&R Schubert Germany.14/12/16

What a walk! with the stunning views, great guide who provided us with very helpful information about the local region, AND the refreshments were a nice finish to the day.Thank-you so much!!!!!!!!!
Karin& Thomas Jung.Switzerland 14/12/16

Great Trip, a very enjoyable day.Thank-you for the baking,
 cakes and cookies and quality tea.The photos and walk we loved.
Miriam O'Connor. NZ.30/11/16

Fabulous day, thank-you for the walking poles, tea, cake & interesting commentary. The flexibility was much appreciated.
Jane & Andy. Australia.30/11/16

Excellent walk.Would thoroughly recommend it.
Hopper-Terry & Marty.UK.22/11/16

Great impressions, photos, history and perfect weather, friendly guide Michael, who made our day. A must to do.
Czvitkovich. Austria.23/11/16

Wonderful Day! We were very happy we were not driving as the gravel roads were narrow, but exciting!!! Our guide Barbara was a local, full of great knowledge, she also makes a great cup of tea at the end of the day with yummy cookies and cake. Thanks Barbara.
Carla & Brent Noel.Canada.22/11/16

Wonderful trip and walk. Good organisation, pleasant driver, excellent refreshments at the end of the walk.Thank-you.
Witl Korff. Germany.22/11/16

Top service, perfect guide, all comments and hints were very much appreciated, everything was what we expected.

A very enjoyable day, much information about the Coromandel, the walk was just what I expected, and the relaxed atmosphere, yes!!
Henrietta Cobb.U.K. 11/11/16

Enjoyed the information, the walk was just what I wanted and views were perfect for me.
Erna Gort. Australia.11/11/16

Fantastic tour and very informative, really enjoyed it. Extremely knowledgeable guide and driver, Michael.Thank-you.
Neil,Jilly & Jamie.U.K. 11/11/16

We really enjoyed the drive north to the tip of the peninsular.The identification of all the native plants and birds was a real treat. Michael is most friendly & helpful.
David Steimer.USA.3/11/16

We enjoyed the road trip and the coastal walk, many, many great photos, the information was so helpful and our driver was entertaining.

Was a great trip with Michael our driver giving informative information and history about the Coromandel Peninsular and his time management was also spot on.

Excellent tour - really interesting and informative journey to Fletcher Bay. Stunning walk and a welcome refreshment stop at Stony Bay. Michael was extremely knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour.
Thank-you for a very memorable day !  A must to do while in Coromandel.
Diana,Marc,& Matt King. England  13/10/16

Magnificent Walk & Excellent guided drive & local info from Michael...
                             HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Tom Gibbons.Hong Kong. 13/10/16

We are so glad we chose Coromandel Discovery and have Michael drive us up to the Walkway for us. We learned so much, would have hated to drive ourselves as the gravel roads need an experienced driver for safety, and what a blessing to have a selection of refreshments provided. Michael also gave us a great guidance regarding the rest of our tour around NZ, very helpful..Thank-you!
Teri Shanarhor. USA 13/08/16

The tour was very good with amazing views.The walk in the woods was so nice and the service for just the 2 of us was superb.The highlight was being in such a special place on the Coromandel Peninsular, real nature, and loved the hot chocolate and cookies at the end of the walk.
Christin Westphal.Germany 9/08/16
I loved the great explanations and commentary during the tour, and the pocket maps were very helpful and a great memo of the day. The special variety of teas available were a great idea.
Valentina Buzzo. Italy 24/07/16

Such a beautiful tour!! I loved the commentary and the stop in Colville for coffee and a fantastic breakfast burger!! as an extra treat.
Sam Hill. USA.16/07/16

I enjoyed an amazing day with Michael, my tour guide, and the walkway was just what I needed, loved all the animals  that I saw on the farms.
Lisanne Nowak. Germany 16/07/16

We have a great day, with very good information and spectacular views and a great walk..Thank-you, Michael.
Susanne & Markus.Germany 03/04/16

We really enjoyed the bus trip, the scenic walk, fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean, and the very safe driving & interesting informative comments from Michael the owner of Coromandel Discovery.  Not to forget the delicious cakes and cookies and the welcome refreshments. Thank-you.
Margrit & Richard Wieser Switzerland. 26/03/16

Great experience, and Barbara was a great driver & guide. The track was in very good order.
Ian Bayley.N.Z. 20/03/16

It was for us an interesting drive and walk, with a lot of breath-taking views, a great day, a great guide, Barbara, and the best way to see the Northern Coromandel
Berwd & Grerlinde Obert. 20/03/16

Excellent walk, good information about the history of Coromandel, extremely satisfied - Colville interesting. Great to have tea and home-made cake at the end of the walk, AND the walking poles were a great bonus!!
D.Reed & N.Connell U>K> 16/03/16

Great day tour, and fantastic scenic walk, combined with the interesting commentary, value for our money. Loved the refreshments.
Tawya Piejus.N.Z. 16/03/1

It was for me an interesting drive and walk, with a lot of beautiful views. A breath-taking day.
Obert Berwd.Germany. 20/03/16

Excellent info on route + the careful driving. Really appreciated the refreshments and the home made cake, when we had finished the walk. Thank-you.
Julie Rushton.U.K. 23/02/16

We had an excellent guide-driver, and commentary, not to forget the spectacular scenery..Thank-you
Mychelle Panzer.U.S.A. 29/02/16

A full day tour, with an excellent commentary, whilst driving the stunning coastal roads together with fantastic scenery.The photo stops were of much interest, and the refreshments and yummy home made cakes were very welcome.
Denise Halston.UK.29/02/16

It was a great day for the walk and enjoyed the info provided by our tour guide  Barbara. Thanks.
Shilpa Amin. India.21/02/16

Just what we were looking for. Plenty of information and a great walk.

Thank-you, very pleased about the complete tour, it is what we expected.
De-Jonckheere -Verelst. Belgium.16/02/16

EXCELLENT, THE COMPLETE DAY.......The cup of tea and cake which was provided at the end of the walk was great, including the map.

Very good guide and driver - Barbara...Thank-you
Edward & Frances Wall Australia.14/02/16

It's a great SMALL TOUR, vs, a very big group. Michael is very knowledgeable  and looks after his guests. His love for the area is evident, he is born to to do this. So glad I did the Coastal Walkway tour with Coromandel Discovery, his company.  Highly recommended....
Lyssa Irace., U.S.A. 12/02/16

Excellent trip. My husband walked the walkway, while I chose to stay with Michael our tour guide, for the drive from Fletcher Bay to Stony Bay, and chat away. I had a swim at Stony Bay, it was refreshing. "Excellent views during the walk", my husband said, and the after-noon tea that was provided, was a delight!
Peach & Mike Partio.Australia.12/02/16

Enjoyed the drive very much, as Michael explained in great detail about everything we passed by, including the local people and their animals on the farms, history, ecology, geology etc.
The walk was stunningly delightful, and so pleased we made the effort, not bad for a couple of 73 year olds..Thank-you.
Tegig & Jane Pugh.U.K. 12/02/16

Fabulous day, great walk finished with the afternoon tea, not to forget the fab lunch from the Hereford "n" a Pickle in Colville..Will recommend this day out to our friends.
Liz Darlow & friends..all 7 of us. NZ.07.02.16.

Nothing to improve, it was a perfect trip, and Barbara was a great guide as well as a very good driver. Thanks so much.

Very memorable & enjoyable tour, with humorous, knowledgeable tour guide Michael. ALSO, enjoyed the morning cafe stop in Colville at the Hereford N" a Pickle, AND the post walk refreshments, in short, A PERFECT DAY
Eleanor Jones. Belgium 08/02/2016.

Fabulous walk, wonderful scenery. The swim at the end of the of the day was great, then followed with tea and home-made cake----excellent!! Really interesting commentary, learnt so much. A GREAT DAY OUT!!!!!!!!!

Appreciated the general information provided on the drive to Fletcher Bay, and the safety check before we departed, very professional, the refreshments were very welcome at the end of the walk.
Lois Carey.Canada.29/01/16

Great commentary during the driving - the views were fantastic.
The best part was meeting Michael, at the end of the walk with refreshments on the beach. Great work. Thank-you
Marti Tovey.Wales.29/01/16

What a great day.The weather was perfect, it complimented the scenery perfectly. A great walk.The driver/guide, Barbara, was really nice and very informative.The tea and cake was really appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

Great tour, beautiful scenery and so nice to be driven, and have the chance to enjoy the whole trip. Loved every moment of it, can't imagine how it could be better.
Lara Bolen. U.K. 26/01/16

Fantastic walk. All so great. Thank-you Michael!
It was really Fantastic wonderful. Yummy coffee stop and cake at Colville.
Elah & Gabor.USA 15/01/16

Wonderful walk. Enjoyed the pre-walk commentary en route.
Organisation faultless!!! weather perfect .The ice-cream was KOOL FROM COLVILLE AFTERWARDS
David & Sylvia Frances.U.K.15/01/16

Awesome trip! Great walk along the coast, very friendly guide (Michael), who explained to us many things very well, and understandable. Great service.
Alexander Schroeder. Germany.11/01/16

Everything was spot-on - timing perfect, commentary very informative, Barbara our driver very friendly and willing, driving excellent - even the sun came out while we were eating our lunch! Thanks.
Graham & Ruth Price.New Zealand.07/01/16

Michael speaks English slowly - so we can understand all of the commentary and his answers to our questions about other parts of N.Z. The hiking walk was very good, seeing the native birds and with many photos and photo stops on request.
We appreciate all of the day and the yummy ice-cream stop on the way home at Colville.
Karin + Barbara Gruner.Germany. 04/01/16

A very good tour and walk, the tour guide gave us a very good lot of history about the Coromandel, the best part is time out at the end of the walk with the picnic of cake, tea and coffee on the beach and the swim afterwards.  The mini bus bus was very comfortable. 5 stars ************
Sylvia Ramel and family. Hong Kong 28/12/15.

The quality of the tour was excellent - the maps were very informative & it was impossible to get lost! The walk was perfect for us, as a family of 4, with varied terrain + stunning views. A "paddle" in the Stony Bay & the tea & cake were a great finale to a great day.
The Delahunty Family.U.K. 22/12/15

Great commentary.Very informative.Tea and cakes at the end was lovely, also the free walking map with info was appreciated.
Sue Shelly.U.K. 21/12/15

Wonderful tour, and walk, very highly recommended.
Henrrette Adelsbod.Germany.20/12/15

Very well organized, friendly guide and great information.
Detlef Uoch.Germany.14/12/15

Great days hiking, beautiful.The coffee and cake was great.
Lisa Bauman.Canada.09/12/15

SPOT ON  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .Just what I wanted. Thanks Michael.
Charles Sheperd.Singapore.09/12/15

Absolutely great tour. Thanks so much.
Ursula Wehrer. Germany.09/12/15.

I was glad I did this early start, 8.30 am day trip, not so hot in the late afternoon.Thanks.
Michaela Mupbuches.Germany.08/12/15

BARBARA, and all that came with the tour, was excellent. Hugely enjoyable.
Vivien Green. U.K. 08/12/15

It was a pleasant tour, we have enjoyed it. Barbara makes very interesting & helpful commentary.
Thomas & Silke Schwartz.Switzerland.08/12/15

Great tour, beautiful walk, super guide Michael. Yummy drinks and cake.
Claudia & Martina. Germany.07/12/15

Very good comments and interesting knowledge about Coromandel and all the nature!!! great humor.The refreshments at the end of the walk was fab..Thanks.
Isabelle Very. France.07/12/15

Was a very good service, best, loved the hot tea, home-made cake at the end of the walk, O! and of course the beautiful walk. Thank-you.
Koen De Strycker .Belgium.05/12/15

This was an extraordinary tour together with the mini-bus ride,with  excellent explanations by the driver as well as the walking path. We are very grateful for this tour.
Hendrik & Barbara Birus.Germany.04/12/15

What a great walk   A  W  E  S  O  M  E.  I would do it again..

Excellent tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jurasic type foliage is fantastic, the coves are awe inspiring, a brilliant way to spend the day.
Chris & Jane Turnes. England 04.12.15

Great tour guide; it was nice not to be in a hurry and to have time for photos etc.The refreshments served at the end of the day was yum.
Kathrin Neding.Germany.03/12/15

Wonderful tour! Barbara is also a great tour guide, and made us all feel relaxed, I loved it. Thanks 
Iris Ziegler. Germany 03/12/15

Fabulous day walk in a remote part of N.Z.
Phil & Fiona Carew. N.Z. 0-3/12/15

Great tour, fantastic and useful informations about the whole of New Zealand, very happy. Thank-you.
Eleonore Gressclaude Switzerland.28/11/15

Barbara was not only a good driver, she gave us lots of stories/facts which made the drive very interesting. And of course the Coastal Walkway....BEAUTIFUL !!
Pierre Ammeloot France.26/11/15

Brilliant, great description & explanation. Good walking under foot, great views and very quiet.
Tessa Barker.UK 20/11/15

Excellent tour and the walkway was so natural, the birds singing...
No room for any improvement.
Anne & Matthias.Germany.19/11/15

Fantastic day and so well organised,Thank-you
The Marianne Group.Sweden 15/11/15

Very happy we booked with this tour, was just what we expected, and the driver, Barbara, was a very competent guide.
Peter & Hamlin Haller. Switzerland. 8/11/15

The Coromandel Walkway was fantastic, the transfer was perfect including the information from our tour guide Barbara, she knows her stuff and a great driver. Thanks. Eisele & Hermann, Germany. 7/11/15

A very informative tour, great photos, the coffee stop at Colville was fantastic, the walk was excellent, the complete day was great.
Hoogwout family. Netherlands. 6/11/15

Very nice tour, beautiful views, very good learning about the peninsular and the birds on the walk, the tea & coffee and homemade cake topped it off, very good.
Snelders & Raudi. Antwerpen Belgium 30/10/15

Top experience in the northern part of Coromandel N.Z.
Michael is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly.
Both the northern coastal walkway, the 309 Road and Cathedral Cove tour is HIGHLY recommended. Thank-you.
Petr Vojacek, Czech Republic. 16/10/15 & 17/10/15

Excellent tour, lovely tour guide Barbara, no complaints at all. Thank-you
Jill & Martin.Saudi Arabia 12/10/15

Excellent tour & service. We enjoyed the whole trip, thank-you.
Daniel Chen U.S.A. 13/9/15

Loved it, fantastic views, great information & commentary
The best cup of tea & sultana cake.Thanks
Pam & David N.Z. 23/9/15

An excellent tour and walk. We were very pleased we weren't driving ourselves, the scenery was superb.
Robyn & Robert, Australia.4/5/15

Wonderful day trip, very knowledgeable commentary, with humour & friendly.
On completion of the trip, greeted with a well needed tea & cake.
Anna,Mai,Michael. Australia  29/4/15

Excellent walk & scenic drive.The commentary was informative and not excessive. Very enjoyable.
David & Margaret Mitcham. U.K. 11/04/15

Really enjoyed Barbara's commentary. Views were excellent. Saw quite a bit of bird life, the walking map was very helpful, nice touch to have a hot drink & fresh fruit cake at the end of the tour..
Heather Whineray. N.Z. 09/04/15

Great trip. Barbara is very knowledgeable on the history and wildlife.
Anne Bake.U.K. 09/04/15.

Very enjoyable experience.The walk is a leg stretch & gives access to the beautiful coastline. Michael is a great guide - very informative & helpful.
Sharon& John Rome. U.K. 05/04/15

Best walk in New Zealand. We have done this tour 3 times now, and yet again a pleasure, the photos simply great...Thanks a lot...
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrea & Jurgen Fredler 25/03/15

Spectacular day, wonderful scenery and fantastic views. Great driver, who kept us informed throughout the trip. Would recommend this trip to anyone.
John Bateman.  U.K. 22/03/15

Good comments & explanations by Barbara our tour guide, safe driving and interesting stops for photos, refreshments and the cake at the end, very much appreciated, and of course great walk.
B.Middelhauve. Germany 17/03/15

Michael was perfection .Very good info and this was a great trip and beautiful scenery...and such fun.
Charlie & Marianne Lakamp. USA 10/03/15

It was a very beautiful trip. Michael was a very good guide. He told us much interesting things of N.Z. I think I will tell my friends to visit Coromandel Discovery. Thanks for everything .
Volko Knobloch. Germany 07/03/15

The Coromandel Walkway was fantastic. Driver Barbara did a very good job.
Baumann / Ineichen 05/03/15.

Great walk - quite easy... Great photos, very well organised.
Penny & Tony McDonagm. Australia. 04/03/15

Lovely informative trip. Fantastic walk. Michael very obliging. Great to have tea and cake at the end of the walk.
Toni & Angela Moore.U.K. 03/03/15

Friendly informative driver, Barbara. The walk was magnificent & transport was very comfortable. The home made cake and coffee, yummy.
Peter & Lyn Adkins. Australia 02/03/15

Unsal Hassan.U.K. 26/02/15

Interesting various informations from the driver, was much appreciated, great organisation (stops, cafe, photo stops and the cookies and tea) Fantastic views, an easy walk through nice landscape, had a great day. Thanks.
Martin Tiefenbacher. Switzerland. 22/02/15

Very good, very informative, well organised. Excellent driver, Barbara, loved the cake!!!
Phil & Julie Kirby. Wales. 19/02/15

Excellent - Good proportions of driving, walking and refreshments. Like the special info provided specially where the toilets are !!! A fantastic day - thank-you.
A&J Roberts. Isle of Man. 17/02/15

Michael is an excellent guide! We enjoyed the complete trip.
Wesner & Ernst. Switzerland. 17/02/15

Great all round - commentary, views, service, walk, Thanks.
Prentice. Canada. 17/02/15

We loved every inch of the way, possibly the best walk we have done. Will recommend it to all our walking friends.
Jan Kennings Australia 16/02/15

Very informative and entertaining guide and stunning walk.
June & John Turner U.K.12/02/15

Very enjoyable, informative, relaxed and well organised - would recommend it to every-one visiting the area.
Sarah Thomas.U.K. 12/02/15

Appreciated the informed commentary and the refreshments at the end of the walk. Had a great time and can think of nothing that would make improvements.
Richard Belcher. England. 10/02/15

Wonderful way to spend the day, great commentary, terrific guide map and info, delicious afternoon tea.  Thank-you.
Amanda & Ebright, U.S.A. 11/02/15

Great tour, lovely views and fantastic photo-graphics, a must to see and do.
Vincent Bos. Netherlands. 6/02/15

Very well organised, good explanations, driving & tour over-all.
Loved the funny guide and comments. Keep up the good work.
Thomas Kiessling. Germany. 05/02/15

The trip was excellent as it is. Thanks.
D.Smith. England. 01/02/15

Thoroughly informative & enjoyable trip. Thank-you very much. Well organised. and the coffee stop at the new cafe in Colville.
Bothamley Burroughs. England, 29/01/15

Excellent, pleasant guidance. Informative and open minded tour. Very good driver. Can and will recommend. Thanks.
Johny Van De Weferd, Germany. 29/01/15

Fantastic tour and walk. Loved the stop at Colville, Michael's knowledge +  enthusiasm. Keep running your tours!. We have seen some of the most beautiful coastline we have ever seen. Thank-you.
John & Johanna Zrving, England. 27/01/15

I did really enjoy the Coromandel Coastal Walkway, with Michael, as our guide, delivering useful and very clear information, even for people whose native language is not English. Fantastic walk and a must go destination.
Sylvain.France 27/01/15

Great tour and information, the Colville stop was great, the driver was fun.
Sheridan Martell, N.Z. 25/01/15

The walk was great, and the view was beautiful, plus the stories Barbara told are real special, and give you a great impression of the region.
Cilly & Rolf Eeahkle. Switzerland land. 25/01/15.

Beautiful trip: well organised: enjoyed all the different elements, tea-stop, information from Barbara, walk, tea and the swim.
Anney & Nigel Brooke-Smith.U.K. 24/01/15

Wonderful walk, and a perfect host, Michael, Thanks.
Bert Van de Merckt. Belgium. 23/01/15.

GREAT TRIP...Wonderful tour, Barbara is very knowledgeable, and a safe driver.
Highly recommended.
Clive Davis .N.Z. 21/01/15

Excellent way to go to hard-to-reach slices of paradise.
Prompt pick-up, and full expectation communicated of the tour.
Tracey,BJ & Emma Pinfold.N.Z. 19/01/15

Very nice tour, we enjoyed all the history of Coromandel and the native trees and the wonderful country-side. It was very well organised so nothing to improve.
Hulu Gelings Germany 16/01/15

Really enjoyed the tour & walk. Thank-you.The pick-up time was ideal & the commentary on the trip informative & at times entertaining. Don't have any suggestions for improvement.
Andrew & Susan Warrender.Scotland.16/01/15

Everything, even the weather, and there was enough time for all the group to enjoy
at your own pace, photos to die for, and afterwards tea & coffee & cake, marvellous.
Takes the lot!!!
Marlen & Hartmut Schulte 11/01/15

Views of the clear blue waters - amazing, Barbara the guide was great, and the hike was just what I wanted to do.
Cathy Goheen. Canada 11/01/15

The walking trip was beautiful, weather was great, and our driver, Barbara was a wealth of info. Thanks.
Andre Gschwind. Beatrice Schmid. Switzlerland 11/01/15

Enjoyed the drive, all the animals, trees, walk, information, history, and the peace and quiet while walking the track, plus the service of our guide, Michael.
Devrindt Gustaaf.Belgium.29/12/2014

Great information, great walk, enjoyed the nice scenery, best part ... we had someone drive us, its a must do.
Georgina Smith.Singapore 28/12/14

Jutta Berthold.Germany.26/12/14

Friendly & interesting, very good facts about the Coromandel Town and its history. The walk was just as advertised and more.
Loved the certificate of achievement presentation.
Hannah N.Z. 23/12/14

Very pleasant guide, very willing to share his knowledge! and tour, great walk.
A great day out. Thanks.
Maria Mattila.Sweden 22/12/14

LOOKING AT 2015 BOOKINGS ON HAND, WE YET AGAIN ARE GOING TO EXCEED.      We now have a 2nd mini bus on line....
We have started all day tours over to Cathedral Cove, Hot water Beach, New Chums Beach and return via the famous 309 Road, to see the water falls, The Water Works, and the giant Kauri Trees, not forgetting the wild pigs and the yummy ice creams. Take care, be safe and thank-you.
Michael, Ross & Barbara.

A great day out. Loved the walk and the trip to and from the top of the peninsular.
Barbara is very informative and a safe driver.
Hogshead/Gauthier .U.S.A. 13/12/14

Great to get drop off/pick up for the walk. Enjoyed the scenery and the great  mini bus, very comfortable.
Pat & Calum McIntosh. N.Z. 13/12/14

Great mini bus driving, and appreciated the information .Great views. Wonderful walk, and very happy, joyful guide, Michael.
Marc Kroes .Netherland 06/12/14

Excellent way to see the northern part of the peninsular, and we had a beautiful walk, safe driving, all with great views.
Lib Skinner,England.05/12/14

Great walk, great views.The vegetation along the  walking track is so different, also so very awesome, we really loved it. Thanks.
Tjeerd van de Croats.netherland. 02/12/14

Fantastic walk, weather & informative talk.Thanks Michael.
Carol & Joe Re Australia 02/12/14

Excellent trip.Very glad I didn't try to bring my hire car! The coastal path is a superb walk.
Davis & Ursula Clarkson UK 01/12/14

Liked the way the trail is constructed, very informative tour guide Michael.
Phil May.29/11/14 U.S.A.

Great day, well organised, the tea and cake was yum, appreciated. Thanks
Ali Lawerence.N.Z. 28/11/14

Professional ,well-done, learnt heaps.
Jos Lyons.Auckland. 28/11/14

Coffee excellent ,,,If anyone is thinking of driving their own car on this trip to Fletcher Bay for the walkway, and from Stony Bay back to Coromandel Town, they must be mad!!
Take the tour, relax, learn, time to see, and great for photos.
Thank you very much for arranging this tour at very little notice. We really appreciated this. Michael was the tour guide.
John & Helen Whitfield. U.K.

It was absolutely PERFECT. Thanks
Gudrun Tecoken. Germany 21/11/14.

Barbara, our tour guide, a mine of information.
The drive to & from the walk,
The walk itself, ONE OF THE BEST.
I'm not sure you can improve something which is already SO GOOD.
Neil Whitehead. U.K. 20/11/14

Lovely scenery, driver very personable (Michael) and informative. Would highly recommend this trip.
Dean. New Zealand. 18/11/14

Excellent tour--no improvements necessary.
Martin & Patricia Hurst. Germany. 18/11/14.

Beautiful hike through farmland and subtropical forest. Very good information during the drive to and from the start to the end. We really enjoyed it
Hans & Bridget. Switzerland 14/11/14

Splendid tour, very good information, great tour guide Michael. Thank-you very much, AND the nice coffee and cake at the end of the walk. Just completed the tour. Thanks
Jutla Hope, Iris Aufderlani, Susanne Bambery. Germany.12/11/14

Lovely walk, the bird songs, the views, the bus drive, and the information supplied. The mini bus was in immaculate condition, with its giant painting on the bus of the Pohutukawa.
Sue & Geoff. U.K. 09/11/14

Great tour, and loved the yummy chocolate drink and cake, the views and photo stops were to die for.
Rob Hanenberg Netherlands 09/11/14

We have enjoyed both the scenery on the drive & the fantastic walk, & the great commentary
Ian & Fiona Bowater.Australia 08/11/14

All very good, just what we wanted. Thanks
Ade & Sharon Fishpool. U.K.

Fantastic scenery, great commentary, thanks, it was great, loved the refreshments.
Jen & Allan. Australia. 08/11/14.

The beauty of the  natural scenery, heard many birds on the walk-way and saw a few, very camera shy!! Really enjoyed the informative talk about the Coromandel, the knowledge was enlightening. An absolute photographers' delight.
Andy Park. Netherlands.01/11/2014

Fun-tastic!! I loved the combination of the guided drive, and the independent walk.The afternoon tea was a very nice touch, delicious cake, Thank-you.
Clare Blackburne.U.K. 27.10.14

It was a great day, just what we asked for, beautiful views, fantastic walk, and a very friendly driver, full of knowledge, didn't stop talking, and the photo stops were awesome.
The Driessen Family of 5.The Netherlands. 27/10/14

This was a wonderful way to do this hike. Great driving with a very good commentary. Would have liked to stay there longer, and do more walking in the hills. Maybe next time.
Marie-France Bernier, Canada. 17/10/14

Our thoughts are :::::::::::::::just excellent, and it is kept simple.
Ken Robins & Carol Holden. N.Z. 14.10.14

We enjoyed the drive up to the top of the peninsular and back, after we had completed the walk. It would have been impossible to drive ourselves on the gravel roads, as we were not only uninsured ,we also learnt so much about the Northern tip of the peninsular.
Anke Roland.Germany.14.10.14

An amazing tour with a very good speaker guide! and so funny, it made the day and plenty of interesting information.
Yasuda Pareya. New Caledonia.11/10/14

We enjoyed the great information about the trees, birds, the way of life in the area. The time for the walk was also good and great timing. Thank-you.
Nadia Bagmgariner-Tomazic.Austria. 11/10/14

It was wonderful to see the top of the Coromandel Peninsular, by going with Coromandel Discovery and Michael, the owner, all very professional. There was an enormous amount of information provided by Michael, about the whole area. Well organised, Thank-you.
Marianne Alder.Switzerland.07/10/14

From the St John family.
Every part of the tour was amazing, the ride was splendid. It was a very educational day, we learned a lot, even seeing and hearing the native birds. We were supplied with cake and drinks at the end of the day, that was yummy. We never felt ignored by Michael our guide. The road was very interesting!!.
Written by Dylan St.John, together with Mum, Dad & sister.N.Z.Ex U.S.A. 07/10/14

One thing! everything on this walkway was done to perfection, was a great day,Thank-you.
Fam Mischler  Switzerland 28/09/14.

Nice size group of people on board the mini bus, and Michael was very good at his job.
Tomas Lara.U.K. 28/09/14

Great tour, with lots of local knowledge and a wonderful local,Thanks
David Hall.U.K. 28/09/14

A very good walkway trip.................I liked it very much
Sina Gunkel.Germany. 28/09/14

Lots of fun on the day, even though it was raining, and the "walking map" we were given was full of info, including our guide who told us so much about the area and its wildlife. The refreshments at the end of the day were so inviting and home- made cake yummy. Such Fun...
Cheri & Like Lang.U.S.A. 21/09/14
That's easy ............GREAT........... I had a private tour for one, to the top of the peninsular and completed the  MURIWAI WALK . 
Rose Lawn. Taranaki.New Zealand. 12/09/14

I loved our guide, Barbara! She was so friendly and well informed of the local history and really made a gorgeous trip even better. The whole trip was beautiful and I just loved it.
Ariana Brown. USA 11/08/14

Wonderful walk, with great views.The peak lookout was amazing.
Nate Parks USA 11/08/14

Barbara our guide was friendly and informative and accommodating.The walk itself was beautiful and I thought the complimentary tea/coffee/biscuits and home made cake was a friendly touch, awesome tour A +++
Dale Walker.USA 11/08/14

Barbara was great, loved it, she was a great guide, very informative & gave lots of local knowledge. Everything was well organised & the cake was YUMMY!!!!!
Thanks for an amazing day.
Alison Swinscoe.England.27/04/14

Improve!!!! absolutely not!!!! Keep it as it is A+++++++++++ wonderful trip. I recommend this tour to all other people..But another thing, add some more Orca whales, what a site .
Tim Jessing.Germany.27/04/14

The walk was very enjoyable, great source of interesting information about the 
Coromandel, birds, trees and local history
Kitty &Paul.U.K.(Living in Christchurch) 24/04/14

Fantastic walk!!!  Great to be driven and have the commentary and NOT DRIVE.The walk was stunning.The coffee and cake, what a lovely touch.
Learnt so much about the Coromandel..Thank--you.
Katey Warren.England.19/04/14

Felt very welcome by Michael, very entertaining commentary, learnt a lot, very good day, and as for the refreshments,Yum
Julian Lin.U.K. 19/04/14

Very friendly and interesting talk on the tour, well worth the money. Michael was very organised & could answer all the questions. Would highly recommend this operator to others, thank-you.
Lowri Hughes.Wales 19/04/14

The tour was perfect for our requirements, it enabled us to do the walk as our camper-van was uninsured for the gravel roads, as most rentals are, very interesting info supplied, AND AS FOR THE AFTERNOON TEA AND CAKE, what a great idea,Thank-you.
Nick & Jane. 09/04/14

Most enjoyable, wonderful views of the Northern Coromandel, and a very friendly guide, full wealth of knowledge, and made our lunch stop at Port Jackson a delight.
Great work and a joy to be driven, and not drive ourselves.
Peter & Anne Stewart, Australia 29/03/14

One of the best scenic walks and drive we have experienced in N.Z.
A big thank-you to Michael, our driver, for his extra care on driving, and informative talk about the peninsular and the Coromandel.
Lea & Luc Roeges, Belgium

Very good service, to allow us to start the walk at Fletchers Bay to Stony Bay. The highlight was the walk itself, but also really enjoyed the great information supplied from Barbara, our driver and guide, thank-you. The scenery was a delight, nature at its best..Thank-you
Neal Walker, Australia. 25/03/14

A fine trip with Barbara. She is a good driver and a fine guide.(Husband).
It was my birthday, it was a very happy sunny day, and I enjoyed the trip very much. Thanks for a wonderful day.(Wife).
Woortman, the Netherlands. 19/03/14

Very good service, the whole trip from start to finish - courteous & friendly driver Michael. A stunning day, and enjoyed the walk, and the afternoon tea and cake.
Bob & Diane Strevens, Auckland N.Z.18/03/14

Very well organised, polite, professional & knowledgeable guide, from driving to walk, drop-off & a very careful driver, Michael, & the walk was very scenic.Thanks.
Claire Chapman, Australia.17/03/14

Historical anecdotes very helpful, thanks Barbara. Coastal views & bush beautiful. As an older person, I found the track well maintained and very "doable". As a nervous car passenger, was right at ease. Thanks again Barbara, for a great day.
Trish Fern,New Zealand. 13/03/14

Can't think of any improvements - the whole day has been MAGIC...Great driver, great walk and the scenery etc...Thanks for a wonderful day.
Yvonne Key. New Zealand. 13/03/14

Really good commentary/anecdotes. Appreciated the walk, guide map & refreshments, great to stop for photo stops at viewing points.
Fiona Hope & Mike Fellows, England. 13/03/14

A very nice walk, thank-you. Michael gives a very good and informative explanations about the animals, history, and the nature of the surroundings of Coromandel Peninsula. Again, thanks a lot!
Burkhard Von der Muhlen, Germany. 12/03/14

Excellent service, bus prompt. Driver and tour guide BARBARA is amazing, her local knowledge awesome. Thank-you for a truly lovely day, we will recommend you to all we meet, & via Trip Advisor. Thanks for the certificates, a brilliant idea.
R. Watson, England. 06/03/14

Excellent tour! Beautiful walk. Difficult to see how to improve it.
Michael is very informative and good value. A lot of fun - and a good work out.
Jim & Chris Barker. USA. 03/03/14

Excellent driven tour, good alternative to the rigours of driving. Very good added value commentary by Michael. Much appreciated.
The walk - Coromandel Walkway - was yet another type of N.Z. scenery we have seen in our 7 week holiday. 
Dave & Pip Whibley. 03/03/14


I chose this tour walk-way company because of the great reviews, simple!!!, by guest comments and the Trip Advisor 100%....and we definitely were not disappointed. Fantastic door to door service, friendly knowledgeable driver and truly amazing walk. Surpassed all expectations A +++ !!
Deb Hall. U.K. 01/03/14

A great day, not driving ourselves, and Michael, the owner, has great information and very easy to talk to. Great cake made by his neighbour 80 yrs old. We so enjoyed the bush walk, sea views, today was a beautiful day. Thank-you Michael.
Geof & Laurel Couling .N.Z.27/02/14

Very nice tour, beautiful walk, very impressive. Thanks to Barbara for many interesting information and enjoyable photo stops. Great tea & coffee and cake. A place to come back to.
Sabine & Soren Hindel. Germany 28/02/14

Barbara a wonderful driver and hostess. Just does that little extra to make one feel she cares."The good Kiwi Caring". AND a great walk. Can't think of anything that could be improved. Thanks Barbara.
Janet Lankshear N.Z. 24/02/14

An excellent day - wonderful driver, Barbara, superb scenery.  Loved the great day and walk, and thank you for your article advertising your walk, it is what it says.
Robin Weir  N.Z. 24/02/14

It was worth the extra dollars, you get what you pay for, great commentary, driving and grand hospitality. Thank-you.
Alan Smeaton  N.Z. 24/02/14

Very comfortable new mini bus, and convenient time to travel not too late in the day, excellent information along the way and appreciated the drinks and home -made cooking at the end of the day.
Caroline & Dave McAllisiter.  Australia 23/02/14

Excellent trip. Barbara is a great hostess and a very careful driver, we felt well looked after. PS - this is our 2nd trip with Barbara
Many thanks. Will come again!!!
Ross & Lynn Woolhouse N.Z. 20/02/14

Good tour, informative guide, photo stops like you have never seen, tea and cake very welcome!  Well graded walk and a useful map, very clean comfortable bus.
Allesian.  U.K. 16.02.14

Very very good, not too difficult and spectacular scenery. Barbara a very good "guide" & advisor .Thank-you.
Susan Nicholas. Australia. 14.02.14

Fantastic scenery & a great walk for all abilities, great driver and pick-up at the end, with yummy refreshments.
Mal & Melinda Russel. Australia. 14.02.14

Really enjoyed the trip, great information and tour guide, Barbara. The Coastal Walkway remains a highlight of the visit to the Coromandel.
Dawn & Gareth Davies. N.Z. Repeat Visitor from 10 years ago!!!!! 14.02.14

Great tour, excellent information provided, "nice concept"
Tamara & Dennie N.L. 12.02.14

Amazing views, awesome guide, loved it.
Bernd Jendges. Germany. 31.01.14

It's a great walk! The most important thing was spending quality time with my Dad, amid beautiful surroundings on this walk.Thanks.
Clarice & Francis Chan. Singapore. 29.01.14

Driver, Michael, who is the owner/operator, was full of valuable information and a fun person to have on board. The hike from Fletchers Bay to Stony Bay was gorgeous.
Janis Turner. USA 29.01.14

We appreciated the warm and friendly guide Michael, with very good explanations. Great walk with beautiful view. We can recommend this tour 100%.
Alois & Andrea Stadelmann  Switzerland. 27.01.14

Organisation is 1st class.The walk is beautiful. Thanks so much.
Peter Metiyan.  UK 11.01.14

Lovely tour, nice scenery, friendly guide and knows her way in & around this area very well. Well guided. Nothing I would change about the tour. TXS for the beautiful day!
Wendy Kleyberg. Netherlands 09.01.14

Enjoyable trip, Barbara gave us a lot of interesting local information. Able to take
the walk at our pace. Welcomed the great refreshments at the end of the walk. Very Good driver.
Fay Richardson. UK  09.01.2014

Excellent 1 ++++, everything on this walkway trip was perfect, great guide, amazing !!!!!!
Andrea Linder, Germany 24/12/13

Spectacular local scenery, excellent walk, informative friendly guide Barbara.
Highly recommend this trip to all visitors. ..
Owen Lenihan  N.Z.16/12/13

Fantastic coastal walk, swim on the sandy beach was very welcome, our nice competent guide Barbara. and the home-made cake and coffee, was an excellent thought. Thanks
Gudrun & Rudolf..Austria 13/12/13

We had a very!! nice day. Michael is a great talker"""" and knows his stuff about the Coromandel. We loved the walk and all that went with it.  Thank-you
Fam Hyum, Holland 08/12/13

Out of this world, fine walking track, very good descriptive comments by Barbara.
Robert Scenker .Switzerland 08/12/13

Great commentary, very well planned, beautiful walk and the Green Snapper cafe - what a great place for our lunch purchase, delightful photo stops. Very happy client.
Chris Modrman...Australia 02/12/13

 Beautiful  and memorable drive, with great photo stops, was nice to meet other people en-route on the track, that said, they wished they had booked this trip with Coromandel Discovery.  Michael's commentary makes the day, he is so interesting and knowledgeable and a safe driver. A great host and owner/operator, of a long standing company. Thank-you
Ruth Smith U.K. 30/11/13

It was very comfortable to get to our starting point without driving there. The comments from Barbara were very informative and the walk was stunning specially the lookout...The home made cake and tea was the best,  yum. No improvements necessary.
Hirsch.Germany  24/11/13

Thanks for a great day, really great, interesting commentary and very willing to answer our questions. Safe driving, wonderful coastline, spectacular walk along the stunning coastal track, great stopping at the highly recommended cafe and store in Colville, delicious morning tea of hot chocolate and fresh baked cake. Bought some Brownies for lunch, was great to have use of the walking poles, and great to share afternoon tea on the beach with fellow walkers and Barbara our driver and tour-guide, great to be given a walking map as we walked the track. Thanks
Philippa & Timothy Hillman-Laub. Australia 20/11/13

Excellent driver,We are  glad we did not do this drive ourselves with our car,interesting information very safe driver thanks Barbara, and the walk which took us 3.5 hours was just perfect for us .Thanks a lot
Odette Canada 15/11/13

Fantastic views, all the way up the coast, in a very comfortable mini bus,and then walk over the walkway to Stony Bay,it was great to-be driven by Michael, who is a very experienced driver and operator, and have  the very knowledgeable commentary ,not forgetting  the yummy refreshments provided at the end of the walk, something that would have never happened if we had attempted to drive our selves, therefore we really enjoyed the stunning scenery of the coast and relaxing time together.  Thank-you Michael
Cheryl & George  Australia 23/11/2013

My family did the trip a couple of years ago & recommended it to us, thanks for a fabulous day - really great, interesting commentary (& very willing to answer questions), safe driving, wonderful coastline, spectacular walk along the coastal track. What a great stop off at the highly recommended cafe and store,- delicious morning-tea of hot chocolate, cinnamon scones, chocolate cake & brownies. Great to have walking poles offered & lovely to share the afternoon tea with fellow walkers and Barbara. Was great to have the walking map as we walked along the track.  Thank-you.
Philippa & Timothy Australia 20.11.2013

Barbara was very knowledgeable and was an excellent driver.We enjoyed the refreshments at the end of the walk.We loved all the beautiful scenery.Thanks for a great day.
Scott & Courtney Worden.  Canada 15.11.13

Excellent driver,I am glad we did not take our own transport,interesting information .Highlight :walking 3.5hrs: just perfect for us Thanks a lot
Odette Allaire. Canada 15.11.13

Great coastal sceneries,excellent driver with excellent comments.Also the walk was well described.One could not make a mistake.Anyway, really good.
Thommen Uschi. Switzerland  13.11.13

Really special place. Spectacular coastal scenery. Natural enviroment,N.Z's greatest asset . Great that it is valued so highly. Thank-you
Phil & Rose Tolerton.UK  11.11.13

Absolutely brilliant, great walking, informative, interesting, entertaining commentary from Michael  the owner. Highly recommended.
Wendy & Brian Sanders.Kent England. 30.10.13

Just brilliant in all respects, the ride, info, company, comfort of the mini bus, walk and the refreshments, including home made cake provided at the end of the walk. Can't imagine any improvements, O yes the certificate ceremony was great.
McCallum. Scotland. 10.10.13

Surpassed our expectations. A perfect day with such a variety of scenery. We could not have done it ourselves. Thank-you.
Sam & Kathryn Kaminsky, Colorado USA 7.10.13

Awesome day, Barbara very informative & friendly, great highlights pointed out, the drive up the coast & the walk was stunning.
Penny ,Queensland Australia 7.10.13
Very well done tour, magnificent scenery, friendly company - will spread the word
in OZ.
Wheeler, Australia.  April 2013

Both enjoyed it very much.  Nice length of walk - not too difficult.  Well organised day - good time of pickup.  Nice stopping at Colville en route.  Very good commentary - very friendly service.  Could only be bettered by adding more tarseal!
Brian & Catharine Fisher, NZ.  April 2013

Very well organised.  Barbara a great host/driver/guide, with a lot of interesting comments.  Hot tea/coffee and cake at the end of the walk much appreciated.
John Sikkel, Thailand.  April 2013

We were really pleased we chose the tour, rather than self drive.  Very interesting listening to Michael's commentary.  Enjoyed the walk.  Thank you.  The cuppa and cake at the end was a welcome treat.
Janice Maclean, NZ.  March 2013

Simply Amazing - world class, totally customer focused company, knowledgeable, friendly and highly professional.  Highly recommended.
John & Janet Mullon, NZ.  March 2013

One of the highlights of our 7 weeks in NZ.  Hike was spectacular.  Timing good.  Tea - most welcome!  Stories educational and fun!  Great day all round.  Thanks.
Margaret & Ron Hopkinson, Canada.  March 2013

Great. Really liked it. Great day out. Fun way to meet people too.  Would recommend it.
Calum Macaskill, UK. March 2013

Barbara's driving was exemplary, her commentary informative and to the point. The stops and refreshments were welcome.  All in all a very good and worthwhile circular tour.  Just keep going.  Thank you!
Pauline Devine, Alan Hopkin, UK.  March 2013

Loved every minute - totally relaxed knowing the driver was very experienced.  Nice personal touch.
Julie MacKenzie, NZ.  February 2013

Very capable driver, no worries with Michael.  Wonderful area, more NZ'ers should come and explore this part of the world.
Janice Roberts, NZ.  February 2013

Loved it all.  Thank you. Local information lovely to hear.  Walk and scenery spectacular and weather amazing.  Can't think how you could make it any better Barbara!  Thank you.
Amanda Wood, Australia.  February 2013

Perfect organisation, very good information by the guide Barbara.  We missed nothing, and enjoyed the trip.  Thank you!
Carsten Ziermann, Germany.  February 2013.

By far the best coastal tour in New Zealand, and the best tour (all kinds combined) in the North Island.  Barbara is a very Great Guide !!!
Simon Bastien, Canada.  February 2013.  (Veteran of 8 trips to New Zealand)

Absolutely amazing.  It was a fantastic day and we don't know how you could possibly improve it.
Pam & Bob Hoult, England.  February 2013

Enjoyed it a great deal.  We wouldn't have seen any of this by ourselves.  The scenery is nothing like I have ever seen before.
Steve & Joan McKeever, USA.  February 2013

Nice trip, beautiful walkway.  And the small group size is perfect!
Karina Nennutiel, Germany.  February 2013

Excellent trip.  Did everything we wanted.
Brian Beardwood, England.  February 2013

Going back to a familiar area with an educated guide - wonderful.  Well done.
G.Haszard, New Zealand.  February 2013

Excellent trip - you have thought of everything - seal the rest of the road in your spare time ??!!!!  The tea and cake at the end was very welcome, and delicious.
Rob & Jan Knight, New Zealand.  January 2013

We enjoyed the tour and the guide Barbara very much.  We'll recommend it to friends.  The weather has been brilliant for our hike - the Coromandel Coastal Walkway.  Thanks.  PS - the cake was superb!
Birgit & Tom Michel, Germany.  January 2013.

Wonderful day !!  Well worth the price and effort.  Very smart to have walking sticks for people.
Thomas Shima, USA.  January 2013

I loved the information about the landscape.  Your talking English is very clear.  The views are amazing.  It's great to start and end at campsites, so we could use the restroom.
The cake was really good.  Thank you!
Monique Drent, Holland.  December 2012

An absolutely fantastic tour!  Such a brilliant way to do the walk, being transported to and from each end from town, and being able to learn so much about the area from our tour guide Barbara!  We have had a superb day and will definately be recommending this tour!
Jen & Neil Lodge, Matamata/UK.  November 2012

Scenery and views are stunning.  The walk is steep in places and requires some fitness, but it is well worth it.  Really glad we did the walk and would recommend it to anyone.  Michael was a mine of information if you needed to know anything. Great!!
Brian Cartland, United Kingdom.  November 2012

Barbara was brilliant - more than could be expected to increase our enjoyment, helpful, informative, friendly - and excellent fruit cake.  A great day.
Sheila Thompson, United Kingdom.  November 2012

It was really a "perfect" tour.  Beautiful scenery - the picnic at the end was a surprise and made it a great day. Barbara did a great job as guide, driver and as host, making us feel very welcome.
Robert & Johanna, The Netherlands.  October, 2012
(Note - Robert and Johanna saw dolphins and orca at the start of the walk!)

Excellent outing.  Knowlegable guide, Barbara, with interesting narrative.  Extremely beautiful land.  Highly recommended.
Carley Hutton & Ricardo Ardila, USA.  October 2012

Fantastic experience, wonderful scenery, and enjoyed the intimate nature of a small group, which enables far more flexibility.  A perfect day. Long may you continue.
Keith Walker, England.  October 2012

Wonderful! Highly recommended - a must!  Loved -
- the views
- the drive around the peninsula
- coffee at Colville
- local knowledge and info
- afternoon tea
- gifts!
- great driving, felt very safe!
Thank you Barbara - we had a great time.
Geoff & Jennifer Thompson, Australia.  October 2012

Loved the drive up and the hike.  Didn't know it was that isolated.  Glad we booked through you, and stayed in Coromandel Town.
Dwayne Cassidy, Canada.  October 2012

We had a great day and really enjoyed the walk, the wonderful views and the very interesting commentary.  We also found the little map very helpful.  Coffee and cake at the end of the walk were fabulous!  It was really a fantastic tour and we'll definitely recommend it!  Thanks a lot!
Patricia Roh & Stefan Piermaier, Germany.  October 2012

Perfect service.  Great tour.  The lookouts are fantastic.  Thank you!
Brendler, Germany.  October 2012

Really good. Very much enjoyed the day.  Thought the picnic was a nice touch!  Good map too.  Thank you!
Bronwen & Clare, Australia & UK. September 2012

Great walk, breathtaking landscapes.  Excellent driver.  Thanks for this lovely day!
Maria Trimboli, Belgium. September 2012

Fantastic day out - well worth doing.  The whole day was a highlight, the walk was a real treat - very similar to Abel Tasman Walk.  Really informative tour by Barbara who clearly has a love and understanding of the area.  Very experienced driver on some challenging parts of the journey!!
Would highly recommend the tour.
Mike & Sue Williamson, New Zealand.  July 2012

Really enjoyed the day.  Very informative talk by a person knowledgeable of the history and ecology of the region.  Appreciated her insights and anecdotes.  Enjoyed the refreshments.  The map was great for the walk, so we knew where we were and how far to go till the end.
Highlights - The view from the seat on the walk, magic!
                - Awesome seeing wood pigeons
                - The view and pohutukawas in Poley Bay.
D&J Smith, New Zealand.  June 2012.

It's the beginning of winter and we had the best day for our coastal walk.  We are glad that we decided to book our trip with Coromandel Discovery.  Excellent value, very friendly driver, and coffee and cake were a lovely touch.  Thank you so much Barbara.
Angelika & John de Vere, New Zealand. June 2012.

Excellent day!  Wonderful walk, amazing driving and cake!!  Thank you.
Edna Nicholson, UK. May 2012.

Excellent from start to finish.  Entertaining commentary and informative.  Good scenic walk - not too long!  Appreciated refreshments and presents.
Ursula Quennell & Dave, New Zealand.  May 2012.

Highlights - perfect, special, unique, varied, birdlife, Pinnacles, lookout (5mins) whoooeee!  Great guide Michael, great service, worth $$.  A MUST - should be top 10 things to do in NZ!
Susan Pokrzywa, Australia.  April 2012.

Scenery magnificent.  Weather superb.  Cakes and hot drinks - nice touch and welcome after the walk.
Peter & Sarah Johnson, England.  March 2012

Lovely and welcoming tour guide.  Very knowledgeable and flexible.  Enjoyed the walk and beautiful scenery. 
Fran Rimmer, UK.  March 2012.

Great commentary about local history etc.  Appreciated being driven by Barbara rather than having to drive.  Lovely fruit cake and cup of tea at end.  Thanks.
Jenny Cade, NZ.  March 2012

Genuine friendly service.  Great fruit cake!  A great day out!  Thanks Barbara
Leigh Ashby, NZ. March 2012

Barbara is a great driver (makes you feel safe!)  And full of wonderful information about the Coromandel's plant life, population and history.  She is a salt-of-the-earth kinda gal who is a pleasure to share the day with!  Highlight was the lookout on the trail - just amazing!
Laura Colby, USA.  March 2012

Beautiful views and walk - lots of good information from Barbara - perfect service - would do it again - perfect weather - a wonderful experience.
Claudia & Josef Bosch, Germany.  March 2012.

The trip "did what it said on the tin".  An excellent day which exceeded our expectations.  A great way to get access to a remote part of the Peninsula.  The commentary was full of interest and 'humanised' the area.  Stunning views, lovely walk, and appreciated the tea and cake at the end.  We would recommend unreservedly!
Si & Molly Gordon, Northern Ireland.  February 2012

Absolute highlight of our 3rd holiday in NZ!  Comparable with eg. Akaroa / Abel Tasman / Queen Charlotte tracks.  We were fully satisfied with the services of Barbara - go on the same way in future!  PS - worth the price!
Marianne & Walter Brodbeck, Switzerland.  February 2012

As a Kiwi I have done a lot of the famous walks in NZ but this one is unique.  The dappled light of the tea-trees on the forest path and the stunning views of bay and ocean are not like any other place I have seen.  Barbara's commentary is fascinating and makes the scenery come to life.  A HIGHLY recommended tour.
Wendy and Ron Smith, New Zealand.  February 2012.

Didn't do walk but thoroughly enjoyed the drive and scenery.  Driver - Barbara - excellent.
Lady J. McHattie, Jeff Carrick, England.  February 2012

Barbara does a wonderful tour with an excellent commentary about the history of the area and the amazing sights we were seeing, all while carefully and expertly driving the van.  Drinks and snacks were a bonus.  Recommended hikes were great.  A perfect day's outing. Many Thanks.
Jamie & Pat Meek, Canada.  February 2012.

Perfect setup.  Very impressed with Michael's commentary and knowledge.  Trip highly recommended.  Wonderful day, thank you.
Annemarie Helmke, Australia.  January 2012

The track is as good as it gets, and it was a beautiful day.  Michael was a great host and a fantastic driver.  I will highly recommend this to everyone I know coming to NZ.
Terence O'Rourke, USA.  January 2012

Everything was great, Michael was perfect !!
Kessi Krumbholz, Germany.  January 2012

Excellent, loved the ongoing commentary from Michael.  Tea and bikkies were lovely.
Gretchen Dunn, Canada, January 2012

Excellent day.  Very informative.  Highlight was the walk of course, and the cake at the end!  Will recommend to others as it's a great chance to see a completely unspoilt corner of NZ.  Thanks Michael.
Helen Evans, NZ.  December 2011

Wonderful day and tour.  Wonderful tour and guide!  Thanks Barbara - fantastic day!
Duennewald / Sander, Germany.  December 2011

Good driver with good language, easy to understand for the French people.  Good trail with good views - and the cake is very good.
Hallier / Moreau, New Caledonia.  December 2011

Nice walk and good information!  Until today we had never seen orca swimming in the wild.  This must have been our lucky day!
Mariette & Rein, Holland.  December 2011

Really good day out.  Michael very knowledgeable on local area and extremely informative.  Lovely weather!  Couldn't be better.  We loved it and would recommend it to others.  THANK YOU!
Jayne and Billy, England.  December 2011

Very good an interesting tour, and very friendly and BRAVISSIMO guide Michael.
Monica Silvano, Italy.  December 2011

Very friendly and informative, the walk was absolutely amazing, just the right length.  Thank you very much :)  Super commentary.
Alison Walker, England.  December 2011.

Lovely, Fabulous!  A must-do when in Coromandel.  Organisation and timing perfect.  Thank you very much for such a lovely day.
Frochot, France.  December 2011.

Barbara is informative, friendly and well equipped with tea and cake ... coupled with a delightful walk this makes for a marvelous Coromandel experience. Cheers!
Nicky Bayley, England.  November 2011.

Beautiful scenery, great informative commentary from Michael, comfortable bus, safe, excellent swim in Stony Bay.  Delicious fresh cakes to finish.
John Allen, Ireland.  November 2011.

The tour was first class and the walk sensational..  Real proud to be a Kiwi!  Very informative commentary by Michael. Only thought - why isn't the rest of New Zealand up here?
David Carracross, New Zealand.  November 2011.

GOOD VALUE, the road trip alone would cost you more with wear and tear on
your own vehicle.
Wayne Morris, New Zealand.  October 2011

Highlights - the information about the area, and the fact that anything we wanted was no problem.  Friendly and helpful driver, Michael.
Joyce Mattson, New Zealand.  October 2011

Absolutely wonderful - scenery stunning.  The commentary by the driver, Michael, very informative especially about the history of the area and the families who have owned land for generations.  Also the birdlife and the fauna.  I recommend this tour to anyone who hasn't visited this beautiful part of the country.
Val Mercer, New Zealand.  October 2011

Excellent tour.  Lots of interesting comments during the day, with refreshing
morning and afternoon tea/coffee stops.  We shall recommend this trip to
Max & Elizabeth Sutton, New Zealand.  October 2011

The tour exceeded our expectations!  We loved hearing all the local stories as 
well as the expert knowledge.  The walk gave us the feeling of being adventurous but in a controlled way.  The picnic at the end was fantastic.  The whole experience was delightful.
Nina & George Jellicoe, England.  September 2011

Wonderful trip, informative commentary.  Weather today just great.  Walked
most of NZ's tracks, this is one of the best. Views sensational.  Terrific value
for money.  Will come again.
Colin Cordes, New Zealand.

Stunning scenery, very informative.  Barbara was an excellent driver and guide. Excellent home-made cake and refreshments.  Great value for money attraction. In fact, a really, really good day out and one which we would highly recommend
to anyone.  Thank you also for the chance to plant a kauri tree.
John & Alex Sandford, England.

A wonderful informative day.  Would recommend this trip to others.  Excellent!
Lillian & Geoff Field, New Zealand

Fabulous trip, scenery spectacular, walk more difficult in parts than we
expected.  The Coromandel is a very special area to be enjoyed by everyone
who values its uniqueness.  Thank you Barbara for a great day.
Jean & John Sloman, Australia

Wonderful day trip.  Particularly liked the excellent driving, anecdotal and historical commentary and the superb scenery.  Also enjoyed accomplishing
the walk and delighted in the picnic-style afternoon tea which rewarded the walkers.  Got some super photo shots.  Well done, Barbara.
Damian, New Zealand.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to have a trip on the Coastal Walkway Tour.  This is a fantastic product; I have travelled extensively and taken part in many day tours throughout the world.  Our guide Barbara was great, she gave a very informative commentary without talking flat out, and it was very interesting.
I will not hesitate to recommend this to clients, friends and family as a great day out, it actually got me feeling very passionate about the Coromandel.
-Jacqui Williamson, Go Holidays!

What an amazing experience.  The Coromandel Coastal Walkway is a wonderful tour from start to finish.  The scenery is stunning and we are so lucky to have such an awesome place right on our doorstep. Barbara is a very professional driver and guide, and her knowledge of the area made the journey so special. 
I always knew this was a great trip and this was proved beyond a doubt.  Thoroughly recommend it.  - Jan, New Zealand, Aotearoa
Highlights of the tour were; peace of the day, informative, varied, the coastal
walk, a good workout, bird life, swim at Sandy Bay, refreshing coffee and
biscuits, booklet handouts, delightful Barbara the driver.
- Pam Stapleton, New Zealand.
What a gorgeous area!  We learned so much and had a fabulous time!
- Trevor & Michelle, California, USA
A very very pleasant journey.  Barbara is very nice and explains all very well.
We have done a lot of tours with other companies in NZ, it's the first time we understand all the driver says.  All is well organised and did with a lot of attentions.
- Beaume, French Polynesia
Highlights were access to scenery - well planned trip.  Barbara's commentary informative, great background to a range of things.  Excellent because it did
not come over as a prepared script.
- Vicki & Mike Simpson, Australia
Perfect day!  Great scenery of the walk/ride is the highlight.  Information
provided by the tour guide is much appreciated.  Opportunity to know about
the area (past and present), plus nature and conservation, which of course is
such a big part of NZ - everyone should be told about it.
- Chaddy See, Hong Kong

Barbara was very congenial, informative and fun!  We enjoyed our walk, but enjoyed our time with her equally as much.  She is very knowledgeable and has
a warm, welcoming personality.  Thanks so much.
- Mark & Amy Simmons, USA
From the moment we were collected at our motel on a perfect day in November, we were given the most amazing guided tour up to Fletcher Bay at the top of Coromandel Peninsula.  There is no way we would have driven ourselves up
there. Our guide, Barbara had great knowledge of the local history and it's inhabitants. The Coastal Walk which took us just over 3 hours was magnificent.  The scenery was spectacular and would rate with anything in the world.  Not too difficult for a couple of 60 year olds but just strenuous enough to make you feel great.  We were collected at Stony Bay and treated to a very welcome "cuppa"
and then driven back to Coromandel.  The driving was difficult as the road
hadn't been graded for some time, but Barbara seemed to know every pothole
and circumnavigated them with amazing expertise.  A fantastic 8 hours that we would thoroughly recommend.
- Tessa Davidson, New Zealand